Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hand Abrasion Test? Simulating Real-World Wear

Imagine how everyday use by human hands can affect a product's surface. Hand abrasion testing replicates this wear and tear by mimicking the complex combination of:
- Mechanical Stress: The pressure and rubbing motion of fingers against a surface.
- Chemical Stress: The interaction of sweat, oils, and other substances on the skin with the surface material.


Is there an international standard for the hand abrasion test?

TRIBOTOUCH operates in accordance with the widely recognized Environmental standard: IEC 60068-2-70 (Part 2 - Test Xb): Abrasion of markings and letterings caused by rubbing of fingers and hands.


What do I have to consider to choose the Perfect Hand Abrasion Tester?

Repeatability is Key: To ensure your hand abrasion tests deliver reliable and comparable results, focus on these key factors:
1. High-Quality Components: Select a tester built with robust and reliable components that minimize variability in operation. This translates to consistent test execution and minimizes the influence of instrument-related factors on your results.
2. Controlled Test Conditions: Look for a tester that allows precise control over test parameters like movement speed, fabric position and fluid feed. This ensures consistent results and minimizes random variations.

TRIBOTOUCH: Engineered for Repeatability
TRIBOTOUCH exemplifies these principles by incorporating several features designed to deliver consistent and repeatable abrasion testing:
- High Dynamic Linear Motor: This motor provides precise and controlled movement of the artificial finger, ensuring consistent force application and wear patterns across tests.
- Fully Guided Fabric with Automatic Rewinding: The fabric mimicking human skin is precisely guided during the test. This eliminates potential variations caused by manual handling or fabric deviation. The automatic rewinding system further ensures uniform fabric wear and reduces variability in the test.
- Micro Nozzle Fluid Application: TRIBOTOUCH uses micro nozzles to apply the fluid consistently onto the fabric. This eliminates inconsistencies in lubricant distribution that can influence test results.

By prioritizing high-quality components and controlled test conditions, you can guarantee your hand abrasion tests generate reliable and repeatable data, allowing for accurate assessment of your product's wear resistance.


Why Use a Hand Abrasion Simulator?

Ever noticed how subtle scratches and scuffs can make a product look cheap, even if it functions perfectly? This is especially true for products that are frequently handled, like touchscreens, buttons, or car interiors. These blemishes, caused by everyday contact with human hands, can significantly impact a product's perceived quality.

Introducing TRIBOTOUCH: The Solution for Consistent Quality
TRIBOTOUCH is a revolutionary hand abrasion simulator that mimics the effects of human touch on your products. Here's how it helps you achieve consistent quality:
- Realistic Testing: TRIBOTOUCH simulates the pressure, movement, and texture of human fingers, providing a realistic assessment of how your product will wear under real-world conditions.
- Proactive Quality Improvement: By identifying potential weaknesses before your product reaches the market, TRIBOTOUCH allows you to refine materials and designs to ensure long-lasting durability and a premium look.
- Reduced Warranty Claims: Minimize costly warranty repairs and replacements by proactively identifying abrasion issues during the development stage.

TRIBOTOUCH empowers you to deliver products that not only function flawlessly but also maintain a pristine appearance, exceeding customer expectations and boosting brand reputation.